Join the study of the ancient origins of our Crowe ancestors

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in expanding our knowledge of the DNA origins of the Crowe Family.  For those interested  please read the information below  which I have written with the help of Paddy Waldron. 

The Clare Roots DNA Project aims, inter alia, to map the ancient origins of people whose ancestors lived in County Clare and adjacent areas.  This is done through an analysis of the genetic characteristics of men (Y-DNA).  It is fortuitous for genealogical purposes that the male genome changes very little from father to son, to son, to son, etc.  We are therefore able to trace patrilineal ancestry back over many generations.  As a bonus, Y-DNA can also help find living relatives.

The Clare Roots DNA project also welcomes those (including females) who have had the other components of their DNA analysed (i.e. autosomal DNA, which is inherited equally from both parents, and mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited along the matrilineal line).

The Clare Roots DNA project was founded in 2015 and as of 2 March 2020 had 1,432 participants.   The analysis is done by FamilyTreeDNA.  If you are a male Crowe, or have any forebears who came from County Clare, we encourage you to join the project at

The more samples available for analysis, the more precisely our ancestry can be mapped, and also the more likely we will find living relatives if that is your interest.

My results have confirmed I belong to the Irish Type III group, a well defined haplogroup (genetic cluster) originating in Clare and adjacent counties a long time ago.

Autosomal DNA results can be uploaded to sites such as GEDmatch to compare your genetic characteristics with those of people who have used other companies (e.g.  In this way you can ‘fish in a bigger pond’ of some millions of people.